Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Is Frank26 Going Insane?

Yesterday, it was announced that Frank26 had resigned from KTFM.  How ironic is it that I read the news just as I was about to post the following:

Frank26, Fading from View
If you have been following Frank26 at since September of 2010, maybe you have noticed…  he seems to be losing his mind.  Why do I say this?  His posts are becoming fewer and fewer and when they appear, contain new edginess, obscurity and impatience.  His conference calls which have always been egotistical and cryptic, now ramble on with repeated information, factual contradictions in the same sentence, voids of forgetfulness, and quick anger at any critics.  “How dare this man criticize me on my own forum; cut him off the website!”  It’s the megalomaniacal Queen of Hearts: “Off With Their Heads.” 

I don’t know if it’s the split Christian/Commercial personality of KTFM, the pressure of so many failed predictions with the IQD, the disappointment of two years of effort with no income, the weight of leading a virtual flock of thousands or a thin skin, but Frank is getting hard to take. 

I appreciate the Christian underpinnings of the site.  There are many prayer warriors in the Frank Followers who have given and received tangible prayer blessings from the flock.  Heck, I even like the cook book.  But the reason so many people follow KTFM is for information.  Til recently, it has been worth sitting through an hour of Frank’s awful singing, Frankspeak rambling, talking over his guests and advertising his omnimedia website… just to get to Delta.  In an investment where there does not seem to be one reliable fact, Delta who watches Iraqi TV and consults with his GOI insider cousin give us believable encouragement that things are moving forward.  Sometimes his predictions come true.  Beyond that, Frank adds only distraction.

All our problems would be solved of course if the IQD would RV for $1.00 or more.  Then maybe Frank could relax and I could be off to the islands.  Meanwhile, Frank, get a grip.

Now, on April 6, 2011, we learn Frank left KTFM to run the forum at his for-pay website:  If you don't want to pay for access to Frank's site - and listen to Frank singing, you can pick up transcripts of conference calls including insight from Delta and Eagle at Dinar Daddy, Chats & Posts section. 

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